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The complete guide to confidently building your awareness, fundraising or volunteers using social media.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from 3 years of working with causes (more than 500 not-for-profits and causes), and distilled into a simple, easy-to-follow program that teaches you how to create a social media strategy, and implement it for a cause organisation.

SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS is not an education program – it’s your step-by-step roadmap to succeeding in social media

Learn how to create a social media strategy, but more importantly, develop your step-by-step social media plan that will see you getting results, without wasting any of your precious time.

The end result:
A long-term asset your organisation can use to generate awareness, cash
and volunteers for the next 5 years.

Social Media Success
Is the first course of its kind that…


Learn about social media from someone who understands the challenges and strengths you can draw on working for a cause.


No unnecessary information, no ‘glitzy’ strategies that will waste time and money, or fillers that will just waste time you don’t have to spare.


You won’t need to do heaps of your own research or additional training, everything you need to get a solid strategy created and implemented. I don’t assume you’re already confident in social media, everything you need to know is explained in detail.


  • PlanningStep-by-Step Strategy Plan Template (tested by more than 60 causes like yours)
  • What a strategy is, and the formula to create one that will be an asset to your organisation for at least the next 5 years
  • The simple sets to map out your ideal audience avatars
  • Setting your goals & getting the support you need to make this happen


  • A comprehensive look at the social media platforms available, and how to choose the right ones to get the results your organisation needs to hit those big goals
  • Setting your social media mission – so everyone understands it
  • How to tell a story, and why it will be critical to your future
  • The exact steps to find, create and share compelling content that engages
  • The 4-types of content your cause needs to create

Make it Happen

  • Understand what resources you have available, and how to make the most of them
  • Discover the social media tools you can’t live without (or won’t want to)
  • Understand how to plan your content & schedule it in advance
  • Learn how to create amazing pictures and video, without ever needing a graphic designer or videographer


  • The steps you need to take to seriously ramp up your social media following
  • How to read your social media analytics, and which ones to focus on – or ignore
  • Learn the 15 attraction strategies that will get your organisation noticed, and followed
  • A beginners guide to creating Facebook ads

Engage & Manage Risk

  • The simple steps to monitor all those social media conversations
  • How to get your audience to engage, and take the actions you want them to
  • Understand the risks, and make plans to anticipate and respond to challenges on your journey

Before we started working with Hancock Creative with had about 35 volunteers, we’ve now in the last year been able to build that number up to 77. But it’s not about short-term result; it’s actually built a mindset and an asset of guiding principles that we can engage with for all of our staff, so we can have a continuing strong social media presence.

Travis Fitch, 12 Buckets

Social media and online marketing was something that we didn’t really do in the past. So now when we have our marketing campaigns we have our social campaigns, our online support on our Facebook page, and it’s something that we use to drive fundraising and awareness. We fundraised online $8,200 and the following year we reached $12,400, which we can attribute to social media and online.

Lucy Zupan, Activ

I’ve done everything to make developing your social media strategy simple and easy to implement as possible.

I know it works, because it’s the exact same process we’ve used with dozens of not for profits, businesses and even government departments, to get a clear social media plan with measurable results.

But I want to make as easy for you as possible to achieve results. You may be on the fence, you may not have a training budget, or you’ve had a bad experience with another training provider – so I want to give you every opportunity to invest and create results with confidence.

That’s why we give you 8-weeks to go through the program and create and implement your strategy through the simple steps and templates, and realise how powerful these plan is for yourself.



You already work for a cause organisation like a not for profit, social enterprise, community group or profit-for-purpose business

You know social media is a big opportunity for your organisation to grow, you’re just not sure how to make it happen on your own

You have a big scary goal for the next year, it might be lives changed, fundraising achieved, volunteers attracted, or awareness of your brand

Your organisation has a powerful story to tell about who you are and what you do

You get that no matter how much education I give you, you won’t get the results unless you do the work. In fact, you’re excited about getting your hands dirty and making these results happen.

You’re fully committed to building a social media strategy for your organisation in the next 8-weeks, knowing that once you have that strategy in your hands achieving all those exciting goals for your organisation well got so much easier.

You don’t mind learning in a more fun, engaged and less traditional way (without a bunch of theory you can’t use).


You don’t see the value of social media in helping you achieve your cause’s goals

Your cause is happy with its current rate of growth and isn’t looking to grow customers, donations or volunteers right now

You don’t like to have someone challenge your way of thinking, and you don’t like to take risks and experiment with new ways of doing things (because this course will make you really uncomfortable!)

If this is all resonating with you, and you’re pumped about the possibility, I’d love to welcome you to Social Media Success and help you with the most tailored social media course you’ll ever do.

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